Malaysia | MPO in Kuala Lumpur recruits on precarious contracts

The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra continues to offer precarious contracts, whilst a verdict is still awaited from the Industrial Relations Court about the wrong dismissal of 9 musicians in 2012 (including the chair, the co-chair and the previous chair of the Musicians’ Orchestra Committee, the concertmaster and a few other key leadership musicians).

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India | Health and safety for Bollywood workers

On 26 and 27 November, a seminar of the IAEA alliance took place in Mumbai on the issue of “Decent and safe working conditions in Bollywood” within the framework of a multi-annual project backed by LO-TCO (Sweden).

Work in the seminar was based on the report by Lynn Galley (Australia), drafted after an assessment visit in July 2014 to various production sites.

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First meeting of the IAEA programme of activities in India

The IAEA alliance’s programme of activities for the audiovisual sector in India started on the 25 and 26 March 2013, with a seminar in Mumbai which brought together a dozen or so unions representing different sector professions.

Coordinated on site by Mr. Opender Chanana, the programme is backed by LO-TCO (Sweden), which is also FIM’s partner for capacity-building activities of musicians’ unions in Africa and Latin America.

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The Musicians’ Federation of India (MFI) is shifting gear

Since a national capacity-building workshop was held in November 2011, organised by FIM with the backing of PPL and BMU, MFI (Indian member of FIM) has been increasing initiatives in the area of union training.

After a day dedicated to the issue of protecting musicians’ rights in March 2012, with the support of Mr Arunkumar Drare, Director of the Indian Institute of Workers Education, in December of the same year, MFI organised a 4-day training session aimed at highlighting the role and importance of trade unions in the music sector.

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KBSSO musicians reach an agreement with KBS management

Korea. After an 8-month conflict, musicians of the KBS symphony orchestra (Seoul, Korea) have made considerable progress with KBS management, opening the way for an agreement to be signed. This agreement was actually signed on the 11 September 2012, much as the result of strong mobilisation from FIM members in support of Korean musicians.

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KBS faces growing protest against KBSSO outsourcing

Seoul, August 31st. At a press conference held at the Korean Parliament, Mr Sangho Woo, representative of the Democratic United Party, expressed the view that the one-sided plan to outsource the KBS Symphony Orchestra to a private institution was an attack on cultural public service.

Joined in his stance by other members of the DUP: Mikyung Lee, Minhee Choi and Gwanseok Yoon, he recalled that the vast majority of the orchestra members were strongly opposed to the KBS plan and welcomed the international support received from FIM, UNI-MEI as well as from musicians trade unions in UK, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, Brazil, Sweden, Canada, Israel, Norway, Finland…

The music community in Korea is strongly united behind the KBSSO Musicians in their protest against the outsourcing plan.

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Korea: main opposition party takes a strong stance against KBSSO outsourcing

Seoul, Korea. On Aug. 24th, the Democratic United Party (main opposition party) took a strong stance against the outsourcing of the KBS Symphony, insisting that transferring the orchestra to a private institution would prevent it from delivering its mission of public service.

KBS has officially announced the dissolution of the KBSSO (taking effect on August 31st), without any prior discussion with the orchestra representatives nor the trade union.

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FIM and UNI-MEI urge KBS to withdraw KBS Symphony outsourcing plan

Seoul, Korea: Collective re-auditioning strikes again.

In 2011, FIM has been successfully fighting alongside the musicians’ union in Rio de Janeiro (SINDMUSI) against a collective re-auditioning procedure at the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra (OSB). Now the musicians of the orchestra attached to the main Korean public broadcaster KBS are being given the same disgraceful, unfair treatment.

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