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Whilst music streaming businesses develop at a quick pace, performers are still not rewarded fairly – if at all – when their performances are exploited online.

Together with three other international organisations (AEPO-ARTIS, FIA and IAO), FIM is involved in the Fair Internet campaign, which is asking for the introduction in EU law of a fair and equitable remuneration to be paid to performers every time their performances are used online.

This campaign needs your support. Here is what you are requested to do
Sign the campaign petition and share it on social networks.
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Kenya | Social dialogue and gender equality

Kenya Workshop 2017Kenyan union KeMU is devising a road map for concrete initiatives in the field of social dialogue and gender equality

With KeMU, FIM organised a national workshop (Nairobi, 3-6 July 2017) within the scope of the union training programme backed by Union to Union. Mainly focusing on the implementation of pilot collective agreements including provisions for gender equality, the workshop featured a contribution from an expert in collective bargaining from BMU (United Kingdom).

As in Senegal, concluding pilot collective agreements in the music sector is a core concern for KeMU, which is aiming to limit the casualisation of employment conditions and remuneration of musicians, in a widely informal sector.
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To the memory of my friend Abiadé Adéwusi

Abiadé Adewusi (Togo)Passed away on Saturday 1 July 2017, Abiadé Adewusi, President of SARIAC (Togo), played a key role in founding the FIM African group in 1997

By Roméo Dika, FIM Vice-President

During the WIPO seminar organised in Lomé in 1997, helping train our new and inexperienced organisations in many fields which were of interest to corporation, Jean Vincent, then FIM General Secretary, proposed that African associative and union organisations belong to FIM.

While the other Africans turned away from this proposal, Abiadé Adewusi brought together Mamadou Barry and Ryad Challoub from Guinea, Ismael Lo from Senegal, Valen Guédé from the Ivory Coast and myself for Cameroon in a restaurant.
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UNESCO | 6th Conference of Parties to the 2005 Convention

Unesco CoP 6States which were Party to the 2005 Convention on Cultural Diversity adopt operational guidelines in the digital environment

From 12 to 15 June 2017, UNESCO hosted the 6th Conference of Parties to the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions in Paris. When assessing the conference, there are both positive and negative points.

Among the positive aspects, we can note the importance given to civil society organisations (NGOs) which organised their own forum on 12 June and are now recognized by the Secretariat and Member States as essential partners for implementing the Convention.
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A successful 4th International Orchestra Conference

IOC logo (EN)The 4th FIM International Orchestra Conference which took place in Montreal from 11 to 14 May 2017, drew about 300 participants

After Berlin (2008), Amsterdam (2011) and Oslo (2014), FIM’s International Orchestra Conference took place for the first time on North American soil, in Montreal, in cooperation with the Quebec Musicians’ Guild (GMMQ, local 406 of the AFM).

Within the scope of a specific partnership, all delegates were invited to attend the closing concert of Montreal’s International Musical Competition, with prizewinners from the 2017 edition and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra conducted by Claus Peter Flor.
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Ireland | Right to collective bargaining restored for freelancers

Oireachtas logoThe Irish Parliament restores the right of freelance workers to collective bargaining in an amendment to the Competition Act (on 31 May 2017)

On the evening of 31 May, the Irish Parliament adopted the Labour Party proposed Competition Amendment Bill 2016, which aims to introduce exemptions from competition law for certain self-employed workers.

Since a competition ruling was handed down thirteen years ago, agreements negotiated with artists unions on minimum tariffs have been considered as breaches of competition  law.

Musicians, journalists and voice over actors will be the first to take advantage of the reform

To avoid the competition law a union has to prove either that its members are false independent workers (in a subordinate relationship, obliged to follow instructions, do not share the same business risks as their contractors etc.) or are ‘fully dependent’ workers (deriving most of their income from a maximum of two sources), both notions which for the first time are being defined.
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Air Canada wins FIM Airline of Choice Award 2017

FIM Airline of Choice award ceremony

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On 11 May 2017, the International Federation of Musicians (FIM), which represents professional musicians and their trade unions in more than 60 countries, awarded the newly created FIM Airline of Choice award to Air Canada. The ceremony took place during the opening evening of the 4th FIM International Orchestra Conference hosted in Montreal by the Quebec Musicians Guild (GMMQ – local 406 of the AFM).

FIM and its member unions have been campaigning for several years with the aim of improving airlines’ policies so that musicians traveling with their instrument are treated fairly and are fully informed about regulations governing the transportation of musical instruments.
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Senegal | Towards collective agreements in the music sector

Senegal workshop (March 2017)

With AMS, FIM organised a national workshop (Dakar, 21-24 March 2017) within the framework of the union training programme backed by Union to Union. Mainly devoted to pilot collective agreements, including provisions for gender equality, the workshop featured contribution from an expert in collective bargaining at SNAM (France).

The meeting opened with a speech from the Director of the Minister of Culture’s cabinet, in presence of the Director of UNESCO’s Dakar bureau, a representative of ACTRAV and the Chairwoman of the SODAV Board of Directors (the Senegalese organisation in charge of collective management of copyright and related rights).
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4th International Orchestra Conference (IOC)

Montreal Symphony Orchestra

For the first time since 2008, the International Orchestra Conference will be taking place in North America, (Montreal), at the invitation of GMMQ (local section 406 of AFM) and under the patronage of Quebec orchestra conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin. As in the previous three editions, the choice of speakers from the five continents will reflect the widest geographical diversity.

Since the first IOC edition, FIM has aimed at fostering dialogue and exchanges between musicians and directors, with a view to opening up relationships.
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