Ivory Coast | The projects of Musicians’ Union SAMCI

SAMCI workshop 2017

With the Ivory Coast Musicians’ Union (SAMCI), FIM organised a national workshop for union training in Abidjan, from 18 – 21 July 2017, within the framework of its regional programme supported by Union to Union. Focusing on union organisation and action, as well as gender equality, the workshop was rounded off by a press release.

SAMCI is a recent organisation founded during its general assembly which took place in 2017. Facing significant political tensions, the country has a strong-​potential economy but one which produces deep inequalities.
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Kenya | Social dialogue and gender equality

Kenya Workshop 2017

Kenyan union KeMU is devising a road map for concrete initiatives in the field of social dialogue and gender equality

With KeMU, FIM organised a national workshop (Nairobi, 3 – 6 July 2017) within the scope of the union training programme backed by Union to Union. Mainly focusing on the implementation of pilot collective agreements including provisions for gender equality, the workshop featured a contribution from an expert in collective bargaining from BMU (United Kingdom).

As in Senegal, concluding pilot collective agreements in the music sector is a core concern for KeMU, which is aiming to limit the casualisation of employment conditions and remuneration of musicians, in a widely informal sector.
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To the memory of my friend Abiadé Adéwusi

Abiadé Adewusi (Togo)

Passed away on Saturday 1 July 2017, Abiadé Adewusi, President of SARIAC (Togo), played a key role in founding the FIM African group in 1997

By Roméo Dika, FIM Vice-​President

During the WIPO seminar organised in Lomé in 1997, helping train our new and inexperienced organisations in many fields which were of interest to corporation, Jean Vincent, then FIM General Secretary, proposed that African associative and union organisations belong to FIM.

While the other Africans turned away from this proposal, Abiadé Adewusi brought together Mamadou Barry and Ryad Challoub from Guinea, Ismael Lo from Senegal, Valen Guédé from the Ivory Coast and myself for Cameroon in a restaurant.
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Senegal | Towards collective agreements in the music sector

Senegal workshop (March 2017)

With AMS, FIM organised a national workshop (Dakar, 21 – 24 March 2017) within the framework of the union training programme backed by Union to Union. Mainly devoted to pilot collective agreements, including provisions for gender equality, the workshop featured contribution from an expert in collective bargaining at SNAM (France).

The meeting opened with a speech from the Director of the Minister of Culture’s cabinet, in presence of the Director of UNESCO’s Dakar bureau, a representative of ACTRAV and the Chairwoman of the SODAV Board of Directors (the Senegalese organisation in charge of collective management of copyright and related rights).
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Gambia | MUSIGAM asks outgoing president Yahya Jammeh to leave office

Yahya Jammeh

The Musicians’ Union of Gambia (MUSIGAM) –a FIM member– and the Gambia Association of Music Producers and Promotors (GAMPP) have issued a joint press release calling on outgoing president Yahya Jammeh to reconsider his decision to reject the result of the elections held on 2 December 2016. The two organisations fear that not respecting the verdict of the poll will spark off disturbances and violence.

To begin with, Mr Jammeh recognized his defeat, after twenty-​two years of office, and congratulated his opponent, Mr Adama Barrow.
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Africa | Regional Conference to enhance empowerment of musicians’ unions

FIM regional con. | Entebbe 2016

Entebbe, 5 – 8 December 2016

With the backing of Swedish organisations SMF and Union to Union, FIM organised a regional conference with the Ugandan Musicians’ Union (UMU) to enhance empowerment of musicians’ unions. The conference was attended by representatives from fifteen African countries.

The respective projects of FIM and SMF were presented and assessed for the period from 2013 – 16. Tangible results were measured in all countries covered by these projects: Togo, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Malawi.
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Africa | Union reshaping underway in Zimbabwe?

FIM workshop Zimbabwe

With the TUMAI union, FIM organised a union training workshop in Harare (Zimbabwe) from 21 to 24 September 2016, with the support of Union To Union. Two local musicians’ unions took part: TUMAI (recently a FIM member once more) and ZIMU (created in 2014).

Unfortunately, TUMAI has had to come to terms with the sudden demise of its General Secretary, George Emmanuel, who was actively engaged in preparing this meeting.

The workshop focused on union organisation and action. The current backdrop is particularly difficult:
• artists are not backed by public authorities
• related rights in copyright are not enshrined in law
• levies due by broadcasters are not paid or are paid at a ridiculously low rate
• the level of piracy is such that the country’s largest record company, Gramma, cannot sell off its CDs even at the price of $1, since pirates are flooding the market with compilations at 50 cents!
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Cameroon | The complaint lodged by FIM and SYCAMU at ILO has made the government give way


Via order of 12 February 2016, the Cameroon government raised the suspension order on SYCAMU. This order was the subject of the complaint lodged jointly by SYCAMU and FIM to the ILO Committee on Freedom of Association.

The decision intervened very quickly after the government received notification from ILO of the complaint against it, a complaint it judged sufficiently relevant and serious not to go any further down the road.

The decision of the Cameroon government is a relief for FIM and SYCAMU, which can now resume its activities serving the country’s music artists.
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