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Airline rating | Disclaimer

1. The infor­ma­tion that we pro­vide about the air­lines’ poli­cies re. musi­cal instru­ments strict­ly reflects the infor­ma­tion that was avail­able on the air­lines’ web­sites at the time these data were last updat­ed on the FIM web­site (please check the date of the last update).

2. Our rat­ing of air­lines is based on the fol­low­ing criteria:
• Airlines com­ply­ing with the cur­rent US FAA reg­u­la­tion (entered into force in 2015) are rat­ed as GREEN (best grade). These com­pa­nies accept musi­cal instru­ments in the cab­in, pro­vid­ed they fit in the over­head com­part­ments or under a seat, with­out spe­cif­ic size limitations.
• Airlines that apply the same size lim­i­ta­tions to musi­cal instru­ments as to reg­u­lar cab­in lug­gage are rat­ed as RED (low­est grade).
• Airlines that do not com­ply with the cur­rent US FAA reg­u­la­tion but apply size lim­i­ta­tions that are more favourable than those apply­ing to reg­u­lar cab­in lug­gage are rat­ed as AMBER.

Please note: irre­spec­tive of the air­line’s applic­a­ble pol­i­cy, an instru­ment may only be accept­ed in the cab­in if there is enough space avail­able at the time of board­ing (either in the over­head lock­ers or under the seat in front of you). Be first in line if you want to max­imise your chances to keep your instru­ment with you.

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