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CITES | Musical organisations make their voice heard at CoP18

CITES CoP18 logo Dalbergia, Cedrela, Mammoth Ivory, Musical Instrument Certificate: CITES Member States val­i­date our concerns

Initially sched­uled to take place in May 2019 in Colombo (Sri Lanka), the 18th con­fer­ence of par­ties to CITES (CoP18) was final­ly held in Geneva from 16 to 28 August 2019. Member States adopt­ed four deci­sions in line with requests that have been backed for a long time by organ­i­sa­tions rep­re­sent­ing the music sector.

1. Musical instru­ments exempt­ed from the CITES cer­tifi­cate in respect of dal­ber­giae
The joint pro­pos­al of Canada and the EU with regard to Annotation 15 on dal­ber­giae, which made pro­vi­sion for exemp­tion from the CITES cer­tifi­cate for fin­ished musi­cal instru­ments, fin­ished parts and musi­cal instru­ment acces­sories, was adopt­ed by con­sen­sus with­out mod­i­fi­ca­tion.
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The FIM-​Pearle* hands-​on guide to CITES is now available

CITES handbookFIM and Pearle* are pub­lish­ing a guide which tells you all you need to know (or prac­ti­cal­ly) on admin­is­tra­tive oblig­a­tions linked to the imple­men­ta­tion of CITES

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) impos­es a cer­tain num­ber of oblig­a­tions on those trav­el­ling with an object which, whol­ly or par­tial­ly, comes from a pro­tect­ed ani­mal or plant species. Musical instru­ments con­tain­ing ivory, ebony, rose­wood or a species belong­ing to the Dalbergiae fam­i­ly are con­cerned by these mea­sures.
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CITES | CoP17 hears the requests of the music community

Alfonso Pollard & Thomas Dayan attending CITES CoP17

Known by its acronym CITES, the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fau­na and flo­ra aims to ensure that inter­na­tion­al trade in spec­i­mens of ani­mals and wild plants does not jeop­ar­dise the sur­vival of the species in question.

The 17th con­fer­ence of par­ties to CITES (CoP17) was held in Johannesburg from 24 September to 5 October 2016, to adopt the ori­en­ta­tions seen as nec­es­sary to ensure effi­cient imple­men­ta­tion of the convention’s aims. Over 2,500 peo­ple rep­re­sent­ing par­ty states and NGOs in the pri­vate sec­tor and asso­ci­a­tions met for the occa­sion in South Africa’s eco­nom­ic cap­i­tal.
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