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Consejo Internacional de la Música (CIM)
The International Music Council (IMC), foun­ded in 1949 by UNESCO, is the world’s lar­gest net­work of orga­ni­za­tions and ins­ti­tu­tions wor­king in the field of music. The International Music Council pro­mo­tes access to music for all and the value of music in the lives of all peo­ples. Through its mem­bers and their net­works, IMC has direct access to over 1000 orga­ni­sa­tions in some 150 coun­tries and to 200 million per­sons eager to deve­lop and sha­re know­led­ge and expe­rien­ce on diver­se aspects of musi­cal life.

In 1972 the ‘European regio­nal group of the IMC/​UNESCO was for­med. It was rena­med the European Music Council (EMC) in 1992 and the secre­ta­riat was based in Aarau, Switzerland. Since 1 January 2000 the Secretariat has been loca­ted in Bonn, Germany and has been regis­te­red under German law as a non-​profit orga­ni­sa­tion sin­ce March 2003.

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