Africa | Regional Conference to enhance empowerment of musicians’ unions

FIM regional con. | Entebbe 2016

Entebbe, 5-8 December 2016

With the backing of Swedish organisations SMF and Union to Union, FIM organised a regional conference with the Ugandan Musicians’ Union (UMU) to enhance empowerment of musicians’ unions. The conference was attended by representatives from fifteen African countries.

The respective projects of FIM and SMF were presented and assessed for the period from 2013-16. Tangible results were measured in all countries covered by these projects: Togo, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

A session was devoted to following up the Dakar meeting on gender equality in the music sector (January 2016). The representative of the Guinean union showed the film he was authorized to shoot with the Amazones, a famous women’s music group (attached to the national police).

Tangible results were measured in all countries covered by these projects

FIM and SMF submitted a request for financial backing to Union to Union in order to continue with their projects in 2017, including union modernisation, gender equality, social dialogue and collective bargaining for pilot agreements.

As from 2017, coordination of the FIM-AF group will be assumed by Dick Matovu (UMU, Uganda) and Daniel Gomes (AMS, Senegal) who replace Romeo Dika.

FIM would like to thank the UMU Union for the quality of its welcome, which played an essential part in the success of this conference.


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