Spain | Conference on musicians’ professional ailments

Health Conference | Alzira1st Spanish Congress on Musicians Professional Ailments, organised by AMPOS, AEOS and TECMA Arte | Alzira (Valencia), Spain, 11-12 March 2017


  11 March
– Dr Joaquín Nieto Sainz | Director for Spain, ILO
– Dr Montserrat García Gómez | Head of Labour Health, Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.
    Towards a recognition of the musicians’ professional ailments?
– Dr Manuel Alberto Mendoza Sariego | Medical coordinator, TECMA clinic.
    Raising awareness about the importance of Medicine for the Arts amongst public administration, medical professionals and professional musicians.
– Dr Mónica M. Kurtis Urra | Neurologist, Director of the Movement Disorders Programme, Madrid Ruber hospital.
    The musician’s dystonia: a professional ailment.
– Dr Carlos Bellot Arcis | Odontologist, Orthodontics specialist, TECMA Clinic.
    Influence of instrument practice on the orofacial system: the orthodontist’s vision.
– Dr Ana Gil Sanchís | Physiotherapist, TECMA Clinic.
    Prevention of musicians’ ailments.
– Dr Tomás Martín López | Osteopath, percussionist at the Symphony Orchestra of Castilla and Leon, professor of percussion and ergonomics at the Conservatory of Castilla and Leon.
    Strategies for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders in symphony orchestras.

  12 March
– Dr Guillermo Dalia Cirujeda | Psychologist, TECMA Clinic.
    Improving the social climate in the orchestra.
– Dr Francisco Fermín Galduf Cervera | Coach.
    Psychosocial risks. bullying.
– Dr Victoria Monroy Parada | Otorhinolaryngologist, TECMA Clinic.
    Hearing: sense of passion and care in the musical profession.
– Dr Claudia Iñesta Mena | Specialist in physical education, health and sports, and pediatrics. Parque-Somió Health Centre.
    Physiological demand on professional musicians.

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