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FIM Vice President Roméo Dika in danger

Roméo Dika

Since he left the Presidential polit­i­cal par­ty, Cameroonian musi­cian Roméo Dika – also pres­i­dent of musi­cians union SYCAMU and FIM Vice President – has been the sub­ject of seri­ous intim­i­da­tion in his coun­try. Today, he fears for his safe­ty and that of his fam­i­ly.

As well as free­dom of expres­sion, free­dom of opin­ion is an essen­tial val­ue in Democracy. Like the entire trade union move­ment, FIM is deeply attached to the pro­tec­tion of this fun­da­men­tal free­dom and wish­es to express here its most pro­found con­cern.
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Opera Australia | International support for the MEAA campaign

No opera without us

Throughout the world, live enter­tain­ment is under­go­ing seri­ous con­straints, fol­low­ing gov­ern­ment deci­sions tak­en in response to the Covid-​19 pan­dem­ic. These con­straints have brought about a drop in resources and seri­ous dis­or­gan­i­sa­tion of pro­grammes, in par­tic­u­lar where sym­pho­ny orches­tras or operas are con­cerned.

In the face of such an unprece­dent­ed sit­u­a­tion, it is essen­tial for all stake­hold­ers to work togeth­er to come up with suit­able strate­gies, in order both to pro­tect jobs and the mis­sions of these insti­tu­tions, over the short, medi­um and long terms.
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May Day message from FIM President and GS

FIM Logo

Dear Colleagues,

On this May Day, when we cel­e­brate all work­ers and their con­tri­bu­tion to soci­ety, we give our thanks to our col­leagues in our health and care ser­vices and to oth­er work­ers in all essen­tial ser­vices.

This is an extreme­ly dif­fi­cult time for musi­cians but we know that their unions around the world, are work­ing hard to pro­tect them and to ensure that we have a vibrant and ful­ly func­tion­ing live music indus­try when this pan­dem­ic is over.

Musicians and their fam­i­lies must not become col­lat­er­al dam­age due to this cri­sis.

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Covid-​19 | Response of musicians’ unions

Last updat­ed: 30 April 2020

You will find here­after nation­al reports by musi­cians’ unions on the sit­u­a­tion in their respec­tive coun­tries re. the Covid-​19 cri­sis, its con­se­quences on the music sec­tor and the response that they have devel­oped in sup­port of musi­cians whose jobs and rev­enues are impact­ed by this cri­sis.

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Egypt | Freedom of expression undermined once again

Mahraganat concert

President of the Egyptian Musicians’ Union Hany Shaker has once more made the head­lines by depriv­ing sev­er­al of his mem­bers of the right to per­form their art, judged to be incom­pat­i­ble with pub­lic morals.

In 2016, the same Shaker had already exclud­ed six women musi­cians accused of wear­ing inde­cent cloth­ing and per­form­ing las­civ­i­ous pos­es dur­ing their stage per­for­mances. This time, it is a style of music which has come under fire, a style that is increas­ing­ly pop­u­lar in the coun­try: the mahra­ganat, an elec­tric folk music which, to begin with, orig­i­nat­ed in the poor­est dis­tricts.
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Members of Korea’s National Opera Choir must be reinstated!

Korea National Opera Choir members protest

Korea’s National Opera Choir was dis­man­tled in 2009 by deci­sion of the con­ser­v­a­tive gov­ern­ment of Lee Myung-​Bak, a deci­sion whose arbi­trary and unjus­ti­fied nature has since been brought to light.

Ten years after the event, cer­tain choir mem­bers are still fight­ing to be rein­stat­ed, but are com­ing up against ret­i­cences from the admin­is­tra­tion which car­ried out their dis­missal in 2009 and today fears hav­ing to rec­og­nize its past errors.

Korea’s National Opera Choir was found­ed in 2002 to pro­vide the insti­tu­tion with a choir to match its rep­u­ta­tion and ambi­tions.
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Africa | Sub-​regional workshop on gender equality

FIM workshop - Tanzania

This FIM meet­ing focus­ing on gen­der equal­i­ty brought togeth­er union rep­re­sen­ta­tives from eleven English-​speaking African coun­tries

From 20 to 22 November 2017 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, FIM and the Tanzanian Urban Musicians’ Association (TUMA) organ­ised an exchange and train­ing work­shop on gen­der equal­i­ty in the music sec­tor, which had finan­cial back­ing from Union to Union. This was the sec­ond African meet­ing after a first work­shop in Dakar in January 2016. The meet­ing took place in the pres­ence and with the active sup­port of Union to Union and SMF rep­re­sen­ta­tives.
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ALERT! Help saving the orchestra of the Flemish Opera!

Flemish Opera Orchestra

The high­ly esteemed and much appre­ci­at­ed Opera and Ballet Orchestra in Flanders is being threat­ened to shut­down soon. Such clo­sure would result in a major part of Flemish cul­ture being seri­ous­ly erod­ed if not com­plete­ly erad­i­cat­ed.

How is this pos­si­ble? It is a direct con­se­quence of polit­i­cal machi­na­tions. An exter­nal report was ordered by the Flemish Minister of Culture, Sven Gatz, then com­piled by Koen Vandyck.

This dam­ag­ing report seems to imply the absorp­tion of the Flemish Opera Orchestra into the Philharmonic Orchestra in Antwerp.
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