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France | The profession of performer undermined by the government

Assemblée Nationale

Indignation among pro­fes­sion­al per­form­ing artists after the adop­tion at sec­ond read­ing of the “Creation” bill pre­sent­ed by the French gov­ern­ment which makes pro­vi­sion for all com­pa­nies in the enter­tain­ment busi­ness, whether sub­sidised or not, to be able to resort to using unpaid artists.

Under the guise of fos­ter­ing ama­teur prac­tices, the French gov­ern­ment is organ­is­ing the legal­i­sa­tion of negat­ing the trade of per­former, by sug­gest­ing that the work of a musi­cian or actor does not need to be remu­ner­at­ed.

This is a his­toric regres­sion, in a coun­try which has a rep­u­ta­tion for treat­ing its artists worthi­ly.
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Cameroon | The complaint lodged by FIM and SYCAMU at ILO has made the government give way


Via order of 12 February 2016, the Cameroon gov­ern­ment raised the sus­pen­sion order on SYCAMU. This order was the sub­ject of the com­plaint lodged joint­ly by SYCAMU and FIM to the ILO Committee on Freedom of Association.

The deci­sion inter­vened very quick­ly after the gov­ern­ment received noti­fi­ca­tion from ILO of the com­plaint against it, a com­plaint it judged suf­fi­cient­ly severe and rel­e­vant not to go any fur­ther down the road.

The deci­sion of the Cameroon gov­ern­ment is a relief for FIM and SYCAMU, which can now resume its activ­i­ties serv­ing the country’s music artists.
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ILO | Workers’ Group Statement on Human and Trade Union Rights in Egypt

ILO HQ (Geneva)

On 4 February 2016 the life­less body of Giulio Regeni, a 28-​year-​old Italian PhD stu­dent from Cambridge University, was found in Cairo. Giulio’s death was announced ten days after his dis­ap­pear­ance in mys­te­ri­ous cir­cum­stances. His body was cov­ered in cuts, bruis­es and scars, proof that he was a vic­tim of tor­ture.

Giulio Regeni was research­ing social devel­op­ment in Egypt, focus­ing in par­tic­u­lar on dif­fer­ent forms of free­dom of expres­sion and asso­ci­a­tion, work­ers’ rights and the con­di­tions under which inde­pen­dent organ­i­sa­tions in the coun­try oper­at­ed.
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Iran must drop charges on two musicians and a filmmaker

Iranian artists

Whilst the world focus­es on the lift­ing of sanc­tions and Iran’s pris­on­er swap with the US, many artists remain impris­oned in Iran.

Mehdi Rajabian, a musi­cian and founder of BargMusic, an alter­na­tive music dis­trib­u­tor in Iran, along with his film­mak­er broth­er Hossein Rajabian and musi­cian Yousef Emadi, were joint­ly sen­tenced to six years in prison and fined 200 mil­lion tomans (about USD 66,650) each for “insult­ing the sacred” and “pro­pa­gan­da against the state” in May 2015.

The three were first arrest­ed in 2013.
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Message from FIM after the terrorist attacks in Paris

Paris attacked by IS terrorists The assas­si­na­tion of 130 inno­cent vic­tims in Paris in the evening of Friday 13 November 2015 has shocked the entire world.

The International Federation of Musicians shares the grief of the French Nation. FIM is espe­cial­ly affect­ed by the fact that so many peo­ple were killed while enjoy­ing a music per­for­mance.

Such vio­lence can­not be jus­ti­fied nor under­stood. Music has always been a unique way to unite peo­ple what­ev­er their ori­gin or belief, which makes the ter­ror­ist attack against the audi­ence at the Bataclan a par­tic­u­lar­ly despi­ca­ble crime.
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Uruguay | International support for the SODRE Symphony Orchestra


The SODRE Symphony Orchestra is Uruguay’s nation­al orches­tra. Founded in 1931, it is Latin America’s old­est orches­tra. A bas­tion of nation­al cul­ture, it has also become an essen­tial bench­mark for the whole of the Latin American region. It has been direct­ed by celebri­ties such as Erich Kleiber, Ottorino Respighi or Igor Stravinsky, to men­tion just the most icon­ic.

Unfortunately, polit­i­cal lead­ers have set out on a path to grad­u­al­ly elim­i­nate per­ma­nent posi­tions in favour of pre­car­i­ous ones with short-​term con­tracts. Currently, the orches­tra has only 52 posi­tions left for sta­ble jobs, 47 posi­tions being cov­ered by pre­car­i­ous ones.
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Petition to support the National Orchestra of Belgium

Orchestre National de Belgique

“As the result of pol­i­tics, our National Orchestra is threat­ened with extinc­tion in the near future. In fact, a scheme from Minister Reynders cab­i­net aims at the absorp­tion of the National Orchestra of Belgium by the Royal Opera Theatre “La Monnaie” to strength­en its pro­gram­ming.

We feel how­ev­er, that backed by a long tra­di­tion of near­ly eighty years, the NOB ful­fils its cul­tur­al mis­sion very well, both by the seventy-​some con­certs it per­forms each year and by its cul­tur­al radi­ance abroad as a much appre­ci­at­ed guest orches­tra on the inter­na­tion­al scene.
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Malaysia | Unfairly dismissed MPO musicians set up a legal fund and call for solidarity


On 24 August 2015, the judge returned her ver­dict: despite many years of ded­i­cat­ed work with the orches­tra and despite their unblem­ished employ­ment records, the sev­en musi­cians fired from the MPO in 2012 were all in fact fixed-​term, tem­po­rary employ­ees, and had no right to expect con­tin­ued employ­ment.

Based on legal advice and mul­ti­ple case read­ings, this deci­sion seems to go entire­ly against the Malaysian Industrial Relations Act, and against just about every prece­dent that has been set by pre­vi­ous cas­es.
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