Meeting with the Mexican Musicians Trade Union

Mexico City, 30 November 2011. For half a day, the FIM general secretary met the SUTM-SUTME general secretary (Sole Union of Music Workers), Armando Báez-Pinal (also Member of the Mexican Congress) as well as the union’s full executive committee. As one of the largest on the American continent, the union represents some 20,000 professional musicians. Co-organiser in June 2008 of a FIM regional conference, it plays a major role in Mexico’s musical landscape, in terms of structuring the sector, as well music education and highlighting national musical heritage. Particular mention should be made of the efforts it has been carrying out for several years to achieve gender equality and good governance.

SUTM-SUTME is facing significant challenges, particularly in the social sector, since Mexican musicians have no access to any statutory pension system. In addition, the union is currently carrying out a campaign to introduce the exception of private copying into Mexican copyright legislation – an initiative which FIM backs wholeheartedly.

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