ETUC initiates a process of reflection on new forms of employment

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ETUC has invited FIM and other sectoral federations to join a European project aimed at better defining the “new forms of employment” and “atypical jobs” that are booming across Europe. The notion of “new form of employment” is not in fact really appropriate since short-term employment, for multiple users or in the form of a “self-employed” working relationship has existed for a long time in numerous sectors, including that of the arts, performing arts and media. This is why FIM, FIA and UNI-MEI are associated with this this project.
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Spain | Conference on musicians’ professional ailments

Health Conference | Alzira1st Spanish Congress on Musicians Professional Ailments, organised by AMPOS, AEOS and TECMA Arte | Alzira (Valencia), Spain, 11-12 March 2017


  11 March
– Dr Joaquín Nieto Sainz | Director for Spain, ILO
– Dr Montserrat García Gómez | Head of Labour Health, Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.
    Towards a recognition of the musicians’ professional ailments?
– Dr Manuel Alberto Mendoza Sariego | Medical coordinator, TECMA clinic.
    Raising awareness about the importance of Medicine for the Arts amongst public administration, medical professionals and professional musicians.
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EU | Parliament wants a real European social pillar

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On 19 January 2017, the European Parliament adopted a Resolution on the European Social Pillar, calling on the European Commission to make proposals for designing a European pillar of social rights that goes beyond a simple declaration of principle and has a real impact on the lives of citizens. Parliament is urging the Commission to put an end to a double-standard system which only leads it to enact vague principles in favour of a social Europe, whereas the measures it adopts in favour of competition and the free market are always concrete and coercive.
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EU | Consultation on a European pillar of social rights

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FIM, FIA and UNI-MEI have submitted a joint reply to the European Commission’s consultation on the European Pillar of Social Rights (the consultation ended on 31 December 2016).

This contribution (in English), which includes elements of reply drafted by ETUC, also addresses in detail aspects that are specific to our sector, basing itself in particular on work carried out within the scope of the European project on atypical workers which was concluded in September 2016.
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Gambia | MUSIGAM asks outgoing president Yahya Jammeh to leave office

Yahya Jammeh

The Musicians’ Union of Gambia (MUSIGAM) –a FIM member– and the Gambia Association of Music Producers and Promotors (GAMPP) have issued a joint press release calling on outgoing president Yahya Jammeh to reconsider his decision to reject the result of the elections held on 2 December 2016. The two organisations fear that not respecting the verdict of the poll will spark off disturbances and violence.

To begin with, Mr Jammeh recognized his defeat, after twenty-two years of office, and congratulated his opponent, Mr Adama Barrow.
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Africa | Regional Conference to enhance empowerment of musicians’ unions

FIM regional con. | Entebbe 2016

Entebbe, 5-8 December 2016

With the backing of Swedish organisations SMF and Union to Union, FIM organised a regional conference with the Ugandan Musicians’ Union (UMU) to enhance empowerment of musicians’ unions. The conference was attended by representatives from fifteen African countries.

The respective projects of FIM and SMF were presented and assessed for the period from 2013-16. Tangible results were measured in all countries covered by these projects: Togo, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Malawi.
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India | Health and Safety for Bollywood workers: progress

Opender Chanana

On 28 and 29 November 2016, the final conference took place on the FIM, FIA and UNI-MEI joint project on Health and Safety in the Bollywood film industry (a project backed by Union To Union).

In the presence of a government counsellor, a poignant documentary by Opender Chanana was shown, highlighting the particularly difficult working conditions for industry workers.

A few representatives of studios which were more sensitive than their peers to these issues attended the conference to outline their efforts to enhance safety and comfort for staff employed on their premises.
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Statement of support to imprisoned Iranian artists

Iranian artists

The International Federation of Musicians (FIM) is deeply concerned about the imprisonment of Iranian artists Mehdi Rajabian (musician) and Hossein Rajabian (filmmaker), who were jointly sentenced to six years in prison and fined IRR 2 billion (about USD 66,650) each for “insulting the sacred” and “propaganda against the state” through the production and promotion of underground music. Iranian musician Yousef Emadi was sentenced in the same case but remains at liberty.

The Rajabian brothers were imprisoned on 5 June 2016. They began their second hunger strike on 28 October 2016.
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