EAEA-Pearle* joint statement on the role of Culture and the Arts

Joint Pearle EAEA statement 2016-05

FIM, FIA and UNI-MEI (on behalf of the European Arts and Entertainment Alliance – EAEA) and Pearle* have adopted a joint statement aimed at raising awareness where European states, European institutions and political decision-makers are concerned of the need to preserve and enhance public support for the performing arts and culture, at a time when these are being hit by short-sighted budget restriction measures, both where diffusion and artistic education are concerned.

EAEA and Pearle* are asking European decision-makers to break with current logic and do their utmost to preserve what constitutes one of our most valuable collective goods – Culture and the Arts.
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India | Risk prevention in Bollywood

Stage on fire in Mumbai

On 27-29 June 2016, FIM, FIA and UNI-MEI organised a workshop mainly dedicated to risk prevention in the movie industry in Bollywood, within the scope of their joint project backed by Union to Union.

Participants (technicians, actors and musicians), from the Federation of cinema employees in western India (FWICE) and the Musicians’ Federation of India (MFI), described the environment as tense. On the one hand, accidents on film sets are occurring one after the other at an alarming rate.
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21st FIM Congress

21st Congress

FIM’s 21st Congress took place in Reykjavik from 7 to 9 June 2016, hosted by our member union FIH, in the superb Harpa Congress Centre.

Speakers and panels

Opened by a warmly applauded speech by Mr. Illugi Gunnarsson, Icelandic Minister of Education and Culture, the Congress was followed by debates on motions as well as three panels respectively focusing on

The notion of well-being in a performing musician’s career
• Mrs Dianne Widdison (BMU, United Kingdom)
• Mrs Christine Thomassen (MFO, Norway)
• Mr Jean-Marc Vogt (DOV, Germany)
• Kari Árnason (FIH, Iceland)

Gender equality in musicians’ unions and at sector level
• Mrs Déborah Cheyne (SINDMUSI, Brazil)
• Mr Daniel Gomes (AMS, Senegal)
• Mrs Silja Fischer (CIM)
• Mr Thomas Bjelkerud (SMF, Sweden)
Moderator: Anders Laursen (DMF, Denmark)

Music streaming and the issue of absence of online income for musicians
• Dr Pál Tomori (MZTSZ, Hungary)
• Mrs Geidy Lung, Senior Counsellor, Copyright Division of WIPO
• Mr Marc Slyper (SNAM, France)
• Mr Jan Granvik (SMF, Sweden)
• Mr Horace Trubridge (BMU, United Kingdom)
• Mr Bruce Fife (AFM, United States)
Moderator: Beat Santschi (SMV, Switzerland)

We were honoured and pleased to have the following guests take part as speakers:
• Mrs Ferne Downey (Canada), President of FIA
• Mrs Geidy Lung, Senior Counsellor, Copyright Division of WIPO
• Mr Samuel Shu Masuyama (Japan), CPRA-Geidankyo
• Mr David Jandrisch (Canada), President of MROC
• Mr Peter Leathem (Royaume-Uni), CEO of PPL
• Mrs Silja Fischer (CIM)


Among the resolutions adopted, we can mention in particular those aimed at the right of making available on demand (resolutions 10 to 13) based on the unanimous observation that performers are still excluded from income generated by the rapid growth of distribution platforms such as Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music.
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100th AFM Convention

100th AFM Convention

The 100th AFM Convention (Musicians’ Union of US and Canada) took place in Las Vegas (Nevada) from 20 to 25 June 2016.

After a curtain-raising, high-flying music evening on 19 June (The Quebe Sisters Band, The Las Vegas Jazz Connection with Tom Bones Malone, Dan Higgins, Marvin Stamm) in the presence of Bennie Thompson (Congress member), the convention gave the floor to several speakers, in particular David White (Executive Director, SAG-AFTRA), Kate Shindle (President, Actors’ Equity), Mike Huppe (President and CEO, SoundExchange), Dan Beck (Music Performance Trust Fund), Dennis Dreith (Executive Director, AFM & SAG-AFTRA Fund), Benoît Machuel (General Secretary, FIM).
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The BMU Reacts to Vote to Leave European Union *

BMU logo

* As published on the BMU website

The Musicians’ Union has made no secret of the fact that it was overwhelmingly in favour of remaining in the European Union. We believe that the benefits of remaining for musicians were overwhelming and now have serious concerns about what the future holds for our members.

As John Smith, General Secretary of the MU, explains:

“We suspect that this will be very bad news for musicians. Over the years MU members have benefited from open borders, a protective copyright regime and various directives which directly benefit them in their workplaces.
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OIRA: Free tool for risk assessment in the live performance sector

OIRA Final Conference

In Athens on 15 and 16 June 2016, European social partners from the live performance sector and the European Occupational Safety and Health Agency (EU-OSHA) organised a final conference presenting two interactive risk assessment tools (OIRA), intended respectively for live performance venues and productions.

The conference was aimed at representatives of the live performance sector from a considerable number of UE member states. After a series of debates on the risks to which sector professionals are exposed and mechanisms for prevention, the online tools were presented in detail so that each participant could understand how they worked.
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United Kingdom | MU position on Europe

BMU logoThe British Musicians’ Union (MU) has reaffirmed its support for Britain remaining part of the European Union (EU)

For musicians, the benefits of Britain staying in the EU are numerous.

Open borders make touring both easier and less expensive, EU health and safety legislation has meant that the job of being a musician has become safer and workers’ rights legislation in general has improved the working life of musicians in the UK. The Working Time Directive, for instance, redefined the definition of a worker for the purposes of working time, and meant that for the first time we were able to claim holiday pay for part-time instrumental teachers.
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France | The employer of Belarusian musicians sentenced for not respecting the applicable collective agreement

Lac des cygnes | Minsk Bolchoi

In the spring of 2014, the FranceConcert company organised a six-week tour in France for a production of Swan Lake by the Orchestra and Bolshoi Opera Ballet of Minsk.

During the tour, musicians received their usual wages (€350 a month on average) as well as a cash allowance of €40 a day. They were subject to particularly difficult working conditions, performing up to 13 days consecutively without a single day of rest. At the same time, FranceConcert sold up to 5,000 places per concert at around €50 per unit.
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