Senegal | Towards collective agreements in the music sector

Senegal workshop (March 2017)

With AMS, FIM organised a national workshop (Dakar, 21-24 March 2017) within the framework of the union training programme backed by Union to Union. Mainly devoted to pilot collective agreements, including provisions for gender equality, the workshop featured contribution from an expert in collective bargaining at SNAM (France).

The meeting opened with a speech from the Director of the Minister of Culture’s cabinet, in presence of the Director of UNESCO’s Dakar bureau, a representative of ACTRAV and the Chairwoman of the SODAV Board of Directors (the Senegalese organisation in charge of collective management of copyright and related rights).

Setting up a mechanism for social dialogue and collective bargaining for the sector was a core issue addressed by the workshop, attended also by owners of establishments diffusing live music and festival organisers. The consensus in favour of social dialogue which emerged from these discussions illustrates the collective need to give structure to a sector which today is excessively informal.

AMS is looking to foster social dialogue in the music sector in Senegal as well as a climate conducive to concluding collective agreements

AMS is drafting a detailed action plan, with a view in particular to clearing up ambiguities over employment relationships where musicians are concerned. Possible support from ILO will be studied. For its part, the Ministry of Culture expressed its interest for the AMS initiative.

With regard to the place of women in its institutions and the music sector, AMS will be setting up a listening unit to enable women to express and report violence or harassment of which they may be victims. A charter on gender equality will be adopted. The organisation of meetings reserved for women will, to begin with, enable them to express themselves without men being present if this is what they wish. These actions will be coordinated by a special AMS committee. Partners already active in these areas such as UNESCO or Africa Fête will be associated with these activities.

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