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Whilst music streaming businesses develop at a quick pace, performers are still not rewarded fairly – if at all – when their performances are exploited online.

Together with three other international organisations (AEPO-ARTIS, FIA and IAO), FIM is involved in the Fair Internet campaign, which is asking for the introduction in EU law of a fair and equitable remuneration to be paid to performers every time their performances are used online.

This campaign needs your support. Here is what you are requested to do
Sign the campaign petition and share it on social networks.
– Follow the campaign Twitter timeline: @FairInternet4P, retweet its tweets and use hashtag #FairInternet4Performers in your own tweets.
– Retrieve information and documents from the Fair Internet website and publish them on your website.
Ask all your members to do the same + publish video messages along the following lines:

Send your video message in 3 steps
1. Download and print the Fair Internet logo (in colors)
2. Take your smartphone in one hand and the printed logo in the other hand, and do a video-selfie with a message like this: “My name is [your name], I am a [musician][actor][dancer][…] and I support the Fair Internet campaign”
3. Post your video message on the Fair Internet facebook page as well as on your Twitter account, using hashtag #FairInternet4Performers and the Fair Internet handle @FairInternet4P

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