Framework of Action on Gender Equality

On the 27 October 2011, the European sectorial social dialogue committee for the Audiovisual field adopted a framework of action on gender equality, representing a successful outcome to two years of negotiation between social partners.

The agreement aims to improve the situation in the sector in the following areas:
– Gender representation
– Gender role at work
– Wage equality
– Decision-making equality
– Balance between career and home

Drawn up by representatives of FIM and other worker and employer organisations, the framework of action takes the diversity of social partners into account. The good practices it recommends cover all development stages of gender equality policies.

The “framework of action” is a formal instrument of European social dialogue through which social partners adopt a vision and joint commitments on precise issues, while undertaking to monitor progress. Although this is not a binding legal instrument, social partners show joint determination to implement the recommendations adopted.

Framework of action (EN)
Executive summary (EN)
Leaflet (EN): screen version | print version

Leaflet in other linguistic versions:
• CZ: screen version | print version
• HU: screen version | print version
• IT: screen version | print version
• LT: screen version | print version
• NL: screen version | print version
• PL: screen version | print version
• RO: screen version | print version
• SV: screen version | print version

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