International Music Council (IMC)
The International Music Council (IMC), founded in 1949 by UNESCO, is the world’s largest network of organizations and institutions working in the field of music. The International Music Council promotes access to music for all and the value of music in the lives of all peoples. Through its members and their networks, IMC has direct access to over 1000 organisations in some 150 countries and to 200 million persons eager to develop and share knowledge and experience on diverse aspects of musical life.

In 1972 the ‘European regional group of the IMC/UNESCO was formed. It was renamed the European Music Council (EMC) in 1992 and the secretariat was based in Aarau, Switzerland. Since 1 January 2000 the Secretariat has been located in Bonn, Germany and has been registered under German law as a non-profit organisation since March 2003.

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