Copyright | Disappointment for performers after the European Commission’s proposal

Commissioner Oettinger

On Thursday 14 September 2016, the European Commission issued its proposed directive on copyright in the Single Digital Market. This communication was on the same day that President Juncker was making his 2016 State of the Union Address.

Declarations made on this occasion by Commission representatives are not lacking in ambition, or even emphasis. Thus, we like to hear Jean-Claude Juncker when he states: “Artists and creators are own crown jewels. The creation of content is not a hobby. It is a profession.
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Extended collective management in Hungary | EJI forces Deezer to comply with the law

Dr Pál Tomori | EJI Director

When the WPPT was transposed in 1999, Hungarian legislation subjected online rights for authors and performers to extended collective management. This choice was in response to the massive character of online uses and significant imbalance in negotiations between artists and producers.

Since collective management is not, however, mandatory, performers and authors are free to opt individually for other forms of managing their rights.

An agreement was signed in 2004 between EJI (the organisation for collective management of performers’ rights) and Majors.
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The Fair Internet campaign reaches Asia

Tokyo Conference

On 16 and 17 December 2015 in Tokyo, Japan hosted the 2nd FIM conference on online music, organised in collaboration with the Musicians’ Union of Japan MUJ and with the support of CPRA-Geidankyo.

Introduced by FIM President John Smith, MUJ President Takeshi Shinohara and MZTSZ President Lázsló Gyimesi, the conference opened on a keynote from Ambassador Seiichi Kondo. It was run by twenty or so speakers and moderators from various countries representing the music sector and the university world.
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France | MOU for online music

Assemblée Nationale

After bitter negotiations, a memorandum of understanding for online music was signed in France on 2 October 2015, between representatives of the music industry and a certain number of professional organisations including French members of FIM, FIA and IAO, under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture.

This memorandum came about within the scope of the “Creation Act” currently being discussed by the French Parliament. It makes provision for:
• An evaluation of the economy of the phonographic publishing sector based on transparency of data, the creation of an observatory and new obligations for producers;
• Providing a framework for managing reductions applied by producers in artists’ contracts, particularly with regard to the digital sector;
• A code of conduct for platforms, producers and performers;
• Enhancing the highlighting of works and artistic diversity;
• A minimum remuneration guarantee for leading performers;
• Including all producers’ revenues into the remuneration calculation base;
• The setting-up of an employment assistance fund for all performers working in the recorded music sector.
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FIM-MUJ Conference on online music | Tokyo, 16-17 Dec. 2015

MUJ logo

While music streaming services are significantly on the increase and taking the place of traditional radio as a special channel of access to online music, more and more artists are openly speaking out to claim a fair share of revenues generated by the exploitation of their recordings on the Internet.

The Fair Internet campaign –of which FIM is one of the partners– is gaining ground at European level, and through it we hope to see European Union institutions taking performers’ legitimate expectations into account.
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Online music: FIM-organised panel at WIPO

M. Francis Gurry, WIPO DG

Photo: Francis Gurry, WIPO DG | © WIPO/E. Berrod

On 29 June 2015, FIM organised a special event at WIPO, in coordination and with the help of the WIPO secretariat and the support of Finnish union SML. Alongside SCCR’s 30th session, the event aimed at presenting FIM’s priorities with regard to copyright/related rights and, in particular, drawing the attention of WIPO members to the need to update conditions for implementing making available on demand to bring about concrete results where performers’ revenues were concerned.
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Streaming: help us change the game!

video selfie

Whilst music streaming businesses develop at a quick pace, performers are still not rewarded fairly – if at all – when their performances are exploited online.

Together with three other international organisations (AEPO-ARTIS, FIA and IAO), FIM is involved in the Fair Internet campaign, which is asking for the introduction in EU law of a fair and equitable remuneration to be paid to performers every time their performances are used online.

This campaign needs your support. Here is what you are requested to do
Sign the campaign petition and share it on social networks.
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Finland | Universal loses Market Court case over Internet Music rights

18 March 2015

Two sons of late Albert Järvinen, best known as guitarist for the Finnish rock’n roll band Hurriganes, took a clear victory over Universal Music Finland in Helsinki Market Court over internet rights of two albums originally released in the early 1970’s. The case was processed on behalf of the artist rightholders with legal aid provided by the Finnish Musicians’ Union.

The court stated, that Universal was not entitled to make the recordings available to the public through the internet, as the rights were only granted with regard to physical phonograms.
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