EU | Fair Internet campaign event

The Henryson Duet

5 December 2016, Brussels | Performers call on European legislators to ensure fair treatment of performers in the digital world

Key representatives of the FAIR INTERNET campaign, which represent over 500,000 musicians, singers, actors and dancers in Europe, gathered on Dec. 5th for their yearly event in Brussels to take stock of the Commission’s draft Directive on Copyright with European Commission officials, Members of the European Parliament and Member States’ representatives.

The fair remuneration of performers from on-demand services (iTunes, Netflix, Spotify, …) was at the heart of the discussion with unanimous support from performers for the European Parliament and Member States to make key changes to the current draft Directive.
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The Fair Internet campaign reaches Asia

Tokyo Conference

On 16 and 17 December 2015 in Tokyo, Japan hosted the 2nd FIM conference on online music, organised in collaboration with the Musicians’ Union of Japan MUJ and with the support of CPRA-Geidankyo.

Introduced by FIM President John Smith, MUJ President Takeshi Shinohara and MZTSZ President Lázsló Gyimesi, the conference opened on a keynote from Ambassador Seiichi Kondo. It was run by twenty or so speakers and moderators from various countries representing the music sector and the university world.
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Senegal | SODAV at last authorised to operate

Angèle Diabang | SODAV President

On 4 February 2016, Mr. Macky Sall, President of the Republic of Senegal, signed the authorization enabling the Senegalese copyright and related rights society (SODAV) to replace the Bureau sénégalais du droit d’auteur (BSDA) [Senegalese copyright bureau], in line with the law of 25 January 2008.

As early as 2008, this law made provision for the BSDA –an organisation under the authority of the Ministry of Culture– to be replaced by a civil society controlled by artists, but it was not until 9 April 2015 that the implementing decree was enacted.
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Cameroon | An intolerable attack against the musicians’ union (SYCAMU)

On 22 July 2015, Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Mr. Philémon Yang, ordered the Minister of Labour to impose a ban on the musicians’ union (SYCAMU). He reproached SYCAMU with being in breach of its own rules by organising a meeting concerning the creation of a new collective management organisation, since the current one (SOCAM) has ceased operating.

This arbitrary decision is unacceptable. Not only don’t the grounds invoked stand up to any serious examination for one second, but also the consequences of this decision are extremely serious, since Cameroon musicians are de facto deprived of the freedom of association guaranteed by the constitution and international order.
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FIM President John Smith announced as new Chairman of PPL

John Smith, FIM PresidentJohn Smith, General Secretary of the Musicians’ Union (MU) and President of the International Federation of Musicians (FIM), will succeed Fran Nevrkla OBE as Chairman of PPL (which is a part-time position) on 1 January 2016. Fran Nevrkla will retire at the end of 2015 following 15 years with the company.

With a career spanning 40 years in the music industry, John has worked with PPL for many years. In 2006 he was a key player in achieving the successful merger of PAMRA (Performing Artists’ Media Rights Association) and AURA (Association of United Recording Artists) into PPL to form one of the world’s most successful and efficient Collective Management Organisations (CMOs).
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Workshop for Uganda and Kenya (20-23 July 2015)

Kampala workshop | July 2015From 20-23 July 2015, FIM organised a bi-national union-training workshop in Kampala (Uganda).

Backed by Sweden’s Union To Union, the workshop was coordinated with UMU and KEMU unions, Ugandan and Kenyan FIM members and was assisted by Beat Santschi (FIM’s Vice-President) whose Swiss union USDAM has a twinning agreement with UMU. It addressed issues such as union management and organisation, gender equality and related rights.

Since the previous workshop in 2010, UMU and KEMU have made significant improvements to their way of operating.
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IFPI attacking performers’ remuneration rights

In April 2015, IFPI wrote to the Kenyan Copyright Office to demand removal of Section 30A of the Kenyan Copyright Act. Adopted in 2012 after a wide debate, this exemplary provision provides performers with equitable remuneration for the broadcasting and communication to the public of their performances, but also for the right of making available on demand, bringing it in line with what FIM, EuroFIA, AEPO-ARTIS and IAO are demanding in Europe.

According to the IFPI, remuneration rights “weaken” performers’ and phonogram producers’ bargaining power with regard to users, in comparison to the exclusive right of authors.
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Cameroon and Central African Republic | Re-establishing collective management of copyright and related rights

In Yaoundé (Cameroon), from 1 to 5 July 2014, FIM, SYCAMU (Cameroon) and UMC (Central African Republic) held a workshop for empowering capacities dedicated in particular to intellectual property and collective management. Backed by SMF and LO-TCO, this workshop took part at a key moment for artists’ intellectual property rights in Cameroon and against the current difficult backdrop in the Central African Republic.

In Cameroon, a draft bill is currently being drawn up to modernise the Act of 2000 on copyright and related rights and enhance the framework for collective management, undermined by affairs which led the Ministry of Arts and Culture to suspend its accreditation for SOCAM (the CMC which preceded it was liquidated in 2012).
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