FIM campaign against cultural vandalism in the music sector

FIM is launching an international week of mobilisation to show the opposition of the music sector and all publics to the policies of relinquishment, budgetary asphyxiation or pure and simple destruction of orchestras, choirs and opera houses.

The dismissal of all artists employed by the Rome Opera House has sparked a significant wave of protest at European and global levels.

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Musicians Union of Liberia | Campaign against Ebola virus

The Musicians Union of Liberia (MULIB) is undertaking a joint prevention campaign with local public and private partners against the Ebola virus.

The artists involved organise visits to communities in order to raise their awareness about prevention and how to take care of Ebola-affected persons.

A song in English and other local vernaculars of Liberia has been specially composed for The Save Liberia campaign.

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Catalan orchestras at the cutting edge against child labour

The Barcelona Symphony Orchestra dedicated its concerts on the 17, 18 and 19 October 2014, directed by Emmanuel Krivine, to the “Music against child labour” international campaign.

A short video on the campaign (with subtitles in Catalan) was shown prior to the concert and an announcement made outlining its aims, which emphasized cooperation between AMPOS and FIM.

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More about the Rome Opera crisis

Ignazio Marino - Photo Niccolò Caranti

Following a two and a half hour long meeting, the Board of Directors of the Rome Opera House, chaired by the City Mayor [see photo], decided on 2 October 2014 to dismiss the institution’s 182 orchestra musicians and choir members, at the same time laying the blame on union representatives, guilty in their eyes of not having subscribed to the management’s and city’s cost-cutting plan.

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Rome Opera crisis: IAEA issues an open letter


The three International Federations representing workers in the Arts and Entertainment sector call upon the Board of the Rome Opera Theatre to reverse its decision to dismiss all orchestra musicians and choir members

The International Federation of Musicians (FIM), the International Federation of Actors (FIA), UNI – Media, Entertainment & Arts (UNI MEI) and their member organisations in more than 120 countries were extremely shocked to learn about the decision of the Board of the Rome Opera to terminate the contracts of all the orchestra musicians and choir members of this institution, in a disgraceful act of cultural vandalism.

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Musicians associations call for the strengthening of opera houses and orchestras in Europe

Zürich | October 8th, 2014 – The German speaking professional associations and musician trade unions from Austria, Switzerland and Germany (SMV, DOV, GdG-KMSfB and Ver.di) observe with great concern the current rampant destruction of opera houses, orchestras and professional ensembles in Europe. This is the tenor of a joint working meeting on 7 and 8 October 2014 in Zürich.

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Scandal in Rome: the mayor dismantles the Opera

In an outrageous act of cultural vandalism, the mayor of Rome has announced his decision to dismiss all the artists, i.e. 200 orchestra musicians and choir members, working for the Rome Opera.

This decision cannot stand. The International music community will not let politicians destroy a cultural heritage that they have a duty to protect, preserve and develop.

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