Streaming: help us change the game!

Whilst music streaming businesses develop at a quick pace, performers are still not rewarded fairly – if at all – when their performances are exploited online.

Together with 3 other international organisations (AEPO-ARTIS, FIA and IAO), FIM is involved in the Fair Internet campaign, which is asking for the introduction in EU law of a fair and equitable remuneration to be paid to performers every time their performances are used online.

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FIM-MUJ Conference on online music | Tokyo, 16-17 Dec. 2015

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While music streaming services are significantly on the increase and taking the place of traditional radio as a special channel of access to online music, more and more artists are openly speaking out to claim a fair share of revenues generated by the exploitation of their recordings on the Internet.

The Fair Internet campaign –of which FIM is one of the partners– is gaining ground at European level, and through it we hope to see European Union institutions taking performers’ legitimate expectations into account.

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Online music: FIM-organised panel at WIPO

M. Francis Gurry, WIPO DG

Photo: Francis Gurry, WIPO DG | © WIPO/E. Berrod

On 29 June 2015, FIM organised a special event at WIPO, in coordination and with the help of the WIPO secretariat and the support of Finnish union SML. Alongside SCCR’s 30th session, the event aimed at presenting FIM’s priorities with regard to copyright/related rights and, in particular, drawing the attention of WIPO members to the need to update conditions for implementing making available on demand to bring about concrete results where performers’ revenues were concerned.

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Training workshop for Uganda and Kenya (20-23 July 2015)

Kampala workshop | July 2015From 20-23 July 2015, FIM organised a bi-national union-training workshop in Kampala (Uganda).

Backed by Sweden’s Union To Union, the workshop was coordinated with UMU and KEMU unions, Ugandan and Kenyan FIM members and was assisted by Beat Santschi (FIM’s Vice-President) whose Swiss union USDAM has a twinning agreement with UMU.

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Liberia | New labour law commits to decent work

Bruce Strong / Together LiberiaLiberia has made history by adopting a new labour law, as it is the only one in the world that directly refers to the ILO’s Decent Work Agenda in its title

By Aeneas Chapinga Chuma, ILO Regional Director for Africa
Photo: Bruce Strong / Together Liberia

MONROVIA (ILO News) – On 25 June, Liberian President Sirleaf signed into law the Decent Work Bill, the country’s first labour law since the 1950s.

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Taking atypical workers into account in the audiovisual and performing arts sectors

Amsterdam workshop 2015-05

In Amsterdam, on 20 May 2015, FIM, FIA, UNI-MEI and the EFJ organised the first workshop of their joint project on the protection and representation of “atypical” workers, i.e. those who are not employed by a permanent contract. This project has the financial backing of the European Commission and the assistance of a consultant, Pascale Charhon, tasked with collecting information needed for research work within the scope of the project.

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A European campaign for the fair treatment of performers in the digital environment

Whilst the online music market keeps growing, musicians stil do not get a fair share of the revenues that their performances generate on the Internet.

This is unfair. Support the Fair Internet campaign: