South Africa | SAMA-U Founding Congress

On 9 December 2014, Johannesburg hosted the founding congress of SAMA-U (The South African Musicians and Artists Union). This important event was made possible as a result of intense work on the part of professional musicians and artists who, for several months, had been devoted to reconstructing a democratic union.

The congress brought together delegates from 5 provinces (Kwazulu Natal, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Northwest and Gauteng), accompanied by representatives of the Swedish Musicians’ Union (SMF), the Malawi Union of Musicians (MUM) and FIM.

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India | Health and safety for Bollywood workers

On 26 and 27 November, a seminar of the IAEA alliance took place in Mumbai on the issue of “Decent and safe working conditions in Bollywood” within the framework of a multi-annual project backed by LO-TCO (Sweden).

Work in the seminar was based on the report by Lynn Galley (Australia), drafted after an assessment visit in July 2014 to various production sites.

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Spain | Conference of the Association of Spanish Symphony Orchestras (AEOS)

On 12 and 13 November 2014, AEOS organised its study days in Madrid, with the support of the BBVA bank. Half the conference time was devoted to issues of health, safety, risk prevention and wellness of orchestra musicians, and featured the participation of several specialists (doctors, therapists, researchers).

Invited to talk on this topic, the FIM General Secretary recalled a certain number of recommendations expressed by international orchestra conferences organised by FIM since 2008.

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Budapest declaration: performers demand their proportionate share of revenues


Online music services have transformed the music industry, but performing artists are not getting their proportionate share from revenues.

Modern legislation gives performing artists the right to authorise the making available of their performances on the Internet or other networks, and to be remunerated for such use.

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End of the Rome Opera House conflict

On the 25 November 2014, during a full session, Rome Opera House staff approved by 97% the agreement signed two days earlier between theatre management and unions which cancels the decision at the beginning of October to dismiss the institution’s 182 musicians and choir members.

This agreement is first of all the result of the work and commitment of Italian unions and musicians which must be applauded here.

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FIM campaign against cultural vandalism in the music sector

FIM is launching an international week of mobilisation to show the opposition of the music sector and all publics to the policies of relinquishment, budgetary asphyxiation or pure and simple destruction of orchestras, choirs and opera houses.

The dismissal of all artists employed by the Rome Opera House has sparked a significant wave of protest at European and global levels.

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